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If you're looking to buy or sell, new or used alloy wheels you have come to the right place!

Alloytrader is completely free to use, for both trade and private sellers.

Alloytrader, may from time to time send out emails informing users of new services and features, to be removed from the mailing list contact with your email address and the subject 'unsubscribe'.

  1. Information and Storage

    Alloytrader requires certain information from users to create a free account; This is your username, email address and password.

    This is the only information we store on users and require no other information.

    On an advert usernames are displayed to people logged into the website, at no other time is the username made visible to users. The username is placed here so people have a name to reference when contacting the seller.

    If a user selects to remain logged in a cookie will be saved on the users system and stores no personal information.

    Advert information is stored until the advertiser physically deletes the advert, once removed this data cannot be recovered.

    Alloytrader recommends against puting personal information into an advert.

    Partner websites (such as Google) may install cookies onto your system, this is beyond our control.

    Trader Accounts

    Trade accounts make slightly more information available to users, basic trade accounts only allow a business name to be added.

    Advanced trade accounts made much more information available, it is the traders discretion as to what information they include in the trade account settings.

  2. What will we do with your data?

    Alloytrader will only use your information in accordance with our privacy policy, we will not make any data stored in our databases available to third parties.

    We may use combined user statistics when marketing, no personal or singular information will be shared and there will be no way to trace individual users.

  3. Policy Changes

    Alloytrader may change this policy at any time without notification, major changes will be emailed to all registered user accounts.